Listen to responses from our panelists:

“We talk far too much about units and not about places where people live. It’s wonderful to hear the word Intensification used rather than density”

“It’s cheaper to build a square than a building, the public space brings the environment together and the buildings follow.”

“At the core of everything is belonging. At the heart of the decision-making framework should be ‘does it make people feel good?’”

“We are finding that social housing is becoming increasingly marginalised. How can the poorest areas of London can be regenerated in a way that is sustainable, to create a space that belongs to them.”

“Intensification is not something that is just the ambition, or a benefit, but is the imperative.”

“We need to reframe the challenge, the opportunity of wealth and technology and learning and all the mistakes we have made over the millennia, remarkably well, remarkably quickly”

Read our six requisites for successful intensification

Chaired by: Keith Bradley- Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios
Introduced by: Kathryn Firth - Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios, Nicola Bacon - Social Life, Dan Epstein – Useful Projects