We live in a rapidly urbanising world that is undergoing extensive change, impacting every part of our lives. Across the globe, our cities have growing populations which are increasingly ethnically and socially diverse and older.

Changes in technology are impacting the way we communicate and relate, as well as the way we manage resources, shop and travel. Advances in technology are also influencing how, where and when we work.

Our ecological systems and climate are changing. Demand for food, energy and clean water must be met, but at the right economic and environmental price. Waste needs to be dealt with responsibly and effectively. The cost of living is rising rapidly and the trend for the migration of people into urban areas is ongoing.

The rate of change is likely to accelerate. How do we maintain a high quality of life in an intensified city?
In order to draw out key issues, diverse perspectives, relevant precedents and guiding principles, a series of round table discussions took place on the themes of social, environmental and spatial design.

Feilden Clegg Bradley Studios, Useful Projects, Expedition, Social Life and Grant Associates joined forces on IntenCity, a research project that addresses current trends and explores how innovative thought can produce intense places that deliver positive social, environmental and spatial outcomes.